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                                                                                   Ron Scott Teachworth

I am the founder of the Detroit Art Review. The mission at the Detroit Art Review is to review visual art exhibitions in the Detroit Metro area. Philosophically, our audience is broad and diverse. I like A.O. Scott’s explanation, “that we are, in fact, all critics, because criticism informs almost every aspect of creation, social interaction, and private feeling.”

I was born in Detroit, attended graduate school at Wayne State University in painting, and I have always considered myself part of the Detroit Art Community. I have written and published a novel, a collection of short stories, and a young middle school picture book.   I paint and write full time.

In the writing of art criticism, there are primarily three types of writers: Journalists, Art Historians, and Artists. I fall into category three, as I have a visual art practice and have exhibited for over thirty-five years, primarily in southeastern Michigan.  Because I had worked in public television as a writer / producer, I developed some writing skill, and when I retired from that profession, I turned my writing to art criticism and fiction.

I usually select an exhibit where I feel I might have something to say that is constructive.  This would usually be a painting, photographic, sculpture, or mixed media exhibition. I prefer working on solo exhibitions that provide me with some space to go deeper into the work. I try to understand the perspective of the artist through an artist statement or an interview.  I visit the exhibition space and take notes that capture my reaction to the work in the present.  I do a rough draft as soon as possible and then begin the research process. I add the research elements and imagery to the polish. The final stage is submitting to an editor for his/her review. Each writer has their own style and approach to writing reviews at the Detroit Art Review.         Contact: ron1441(at)comcast.net



Dennis A. Nawrocki

Dennis A. Nawrocki serves as adjunct faculty in the department of art and art history at Wayne State University. He directed Center Galleries at Detroit’s College for Creative Studies from 1990 to 1998, in addition to teaching art history there from 1990 to 2005. Author of Art in Detroit Public Places (Wayne State University Press, 2008) and a freelance critic, Nawrocki has reviewed national and international exhibitions for Art in America, SculptureAmerican Ceramics,New Art Examiner, and Metro Times.






K.A. Letts

K.A. Letts is a working artist http://kalettsart.com  and art blogger http://rustbeltarts.com.  A graduate of Barnard College (BA History) and Yale Drama School (MFA Set and Costume Design). In addition to writing for Detroit Art Review, Letts reviews art in the Great Lakes region for Ann Arbor Current, The Toledo City Paper and AADL Pulp. She is also the Detroit Editor for the Chicago-based New Art Examiner.  Letts has shown her figurative paintings and drawings regionally and nationally.






Jonathan Rinck

Jonathan Rinck Jonathan Rinck studied at the smallest university in Canada and the oldest university in Scotland.  In addition to the Detroit Art Review, he has written for Sculpture magazine, Hyperallergic, Michigan History magazine, Publishers Weekly, and a smattering of other fine print and Online publications.  .





Clara DeGalan & friend

Clara W. DeGalan

Clara W. DeGalan attended University of Michigan and recently graduated with her MFA in painting from Wayne State University. She is a painter who exhibits in the Detroit metro area on a regular basis and has written for varies publications.  She teaches drawing and painting as an adjunct instructor for various Universities.



LaToya Cross  

LaToya Cross is a Producer with CultureShift, where she produces in-depth content that spotlights creatives and individuals using their platform to examine, cultivate, shape and shift culture. She has started writing art criticism for the Detroit Art Review in 2020, and recently wrote the review of the exhibition at MOCAD, Where do Black people go during times fraught with pain and sorrow? an exhibition by Peter Williams.

Before coming to Detroit,  she worked as the senior editor of entertainment and culture of EBONY Magazine’s print and digital properties, creating content and producing series’ that championed black voices across music, television, film and art. She is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago.



Kim Fay

Kim Fay has been a working abstract painter for over 28 years. Her abstractions are included in private collections from auto racing mogul Roger Penske to musical artist Kem. Fay made her curatorial mark with Hollywood, providing local art to ABC, Warner Bros, Mitch Albom and more. This translated to curating Beaumont Arts for the Spirit Program. She began her art criticism for the now defunct DDEAF magazine followed by Bedrock Detroit’s TBD mag and currently the Detroit Art Review. She offers her experience as an abstractionist via classes at the BBAC and acts as a liaison to interior designers looking to acquire exceptional work for their patrons which includes personal commissions.